Here is BrieAnne's Story:

My name is BrieAnne Osterlund. I grew up on a farm in New Jersey with my mom
Gail, my dad Carl and my older sister Heather. I had a typical "normal" life. I grew
up riding dressage, playing sports and basically living a care free life. Growing up I
was the one who was constantly sick with colds, viruses and having mono
in High School. As I got older I started suffering from headaches. I always
just took an Advil and moved on with my day. Then one day in 2007 I was
driving home from work and everything went black. After my vision came
back, I drove straight to my parent’s house. I remember walking into the
house and telling my parents what happened. I had to stop driving because
of the loss of my sight with the end result of losing my job. For 2 years I was
having odd things happen to me, from not having feeling in my legs to losing
control of my bladder and major headaches, that even my Advil wasn't helping.

I went to many different doctors to determine what was wrong with me. It
came to a point where I was being told I was making it up. I was scared and
confused but knew something wasn't right. I even started believing the doctors
that maybe I was making it all up. So every time I lost control of my bladder I
kept saying to my self STOP IT, you're fine, why is this happening? My mom
suggested going to Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia. I dreaded having to
explain my symptoms once again to another doctor! However it ended up being
worth the trip. After running some eye test they found a lesion behind my eye. The
doctor recommended me to see a neurologist. After seeing a neurologist, they ran
some MRI's and ordered a spinal tap. Finally the day came in 2009, when they
confirmed that something was wrong with me. Hearing the diagnosis of MS shocked
me. I didn't know how to react and didn't want to believe it. Here I was only 24,
living a care free life was engaged to be married and had a great job! This was
difficult to digest and we weren't completely convinced so we decided to get a
second opinion. I went to a specialist for MS and he confirmed the diagnosis.
This is the day I felt my life came crashing down on me! My mind went into a

thousand different directions. I was scared wondering what was going to happen to me and whether or not I was going to die. On
the drive home from that doctor I knew my life was going to change. I was going to move back home because what man wants to be
with me. I didn't know how to handle this news; I wanted to believe this was just a bad dream. But then I started reading about MS
and learning how eating healthy and exercising can slow down the progression of this disease. It was then I realized I had a choice.
I could either sit back or let MS take control of my life or I could control the MS by changing my lifestyle and living as healthy as possible.
I went to a nutritionist to learn what I was able to eat. They determined what foods my body rejected and supplements it needed.
After seeing a difference in my body and the way I felt, this is when I decided to make MS awareness my top priority. I knew I had to
share with the world that's its possible to live with MS and how important it is to stay active and eating healthy. Well today at the age of
31 I'm married to that guy I was engaged to, I'm still riding dressage and still living my care free life.

As much as this was a life changing experience for me, the change ended up helping me in many ways. I learned how important it is
to have the support of a loving family and believing in myself and in faith!

I hope that with the help the help of my friends at International Riding Helmets, we can bring more awareness to Multiple Sclerosis,
and how Horseback Riding Therapy can help real people deal with everyday issues through riding horses in the available programs
all over the country. Bringing awareness will help work towards finding a cure for this debilitating disease.
For more information, please visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and visit my page there at Help Brie Create
Awareness to Find a Cure

   2015/2016 CATALOG